Double Happiness

a transport (2000)


an international web & performance collaboration with Spell#7 (Singapore)

fluffboy visited hunny.bunny’s website.

shygirl7 met 6wasabe9 in a chatroom.

Now it’s double happiness twice over.

But real life’s messy. Do you know where he’s been? Does she?

Across continents where differences of language and culture, shoe-size and disease-resistance create turbulence in the flow of information and capital, Double Happiness jacks into the body that braves time-zones and economy class to get fleshy with another.

This web-event & live performance mixes text, movement, digital sounds & video to distil WAPness into a distinctly wet-ware double-take on 21st century sex.

This marked our first international collaboration and explored the then-novel world of internet dating with an inter-continental double wedding celebrating the possibilities of the world-wide web and cheap jet travel to bring communities and cultures together. We continued to develop our integration of new technologies into our working method by using webcams and a specially authored website that extended and blurred the boundaries of the performance: for the first time, the platform for the work moved fluidly from theatre space to online environment.

CHONG LI CHUAN sonic artist, BENJAMIN CLOUGH performer, DAN ELLOWAY performer, SARA GIDDENS choreographer/co-director, KHOO EE HOON production manager, SIMON JONES writer/co-director, DOROTHY PNG lighting designer, PAUL RAE director, KAYLENE TAN performer, MARIANNE WEE performer, HANINDAH ZAINOMIUM new media/graphic designer

With: BEN DAVIS video operator, EDWARD DIMSDALE photography, JESSICA MORRIS lighting operator

Performed at: The Black Box, Fort Canning Centre (Singapore), Digital Summer/Contact Theatre (Manchester), NOW/Breathing Space, Bonington Gallery (Nottingham), The Drama Studio (Loughborough), Breathing Space/Arnolfini (Bristol)