Do the Wild Thing! Redux

Still Moving: Moving Still, Make the Fixed Volatile, and Make the Volatile Fixed, I’d Like to Call You Joe Tonight, Muse (2012) 


Commissioned by Performing Documents, this project saw four of the original collaborators return to their archives of Do the Wild Thing! (1996) by working independently until the day of installing the work in Arnolfini Light Studio. Each produced a separate new work in their own medium – dance, photography, text and video. Like a hologram, shattered, we offered a set of different perspectives, (literally) through-seeings on to the object that was no longer there.

Still Moving: Moving Still was a durational dance duet, performed a number of times over Redux’s opening weekend. It was then developed into two site-specific performances at Nottingham Contemporary for the 2013 Dance in Galleries Season (Dance4) and at Birmingham Conservatoire of Music as part of the International Festival of Dance 2018 (DanceXchange).

In Make the Fixed Volatile, and Make the Volatile Fixed, one photographic technology was reworked through the frame of another, specifically re-figuring old photogravure techniques with the digital.

I’d Like to Call You Joe Tonight exploded the single perspective of the 1996 multi-camera video-document by harnessing the potential of high-resolution imaging and hard-drive synchronization, to produce a three-screen video-work that reinvented the show from each of its actors’ points-of-view.

Muse, as installation and prose work, explored the bonds between flesh and text in the 1996 performance. One of the show’s original performers read from a limited-edition book that mused upon the relationship of writer to performer.

TOM BAILEY performer, EDWARD DIMSDALE photography, DAN ELLOWAY performer, SARA GIDDENS choreography, SIMON JONES writer, ELLA JUDGE performer, TONY JUDGE video, MARTHA KING performer,USHA MAHENTHIRALINGHAM performer, PARMJIT SAGOO performer, RUTH SPENCER performer, JEN SUMNER performer, JUSTYNA URBANCZYK performer, KERSTIN WELLHOFER performer.

On video: CHRIS BIANCHI performer, POLLY FRAME performer, JAMES D KENT performer

With: MARTIN BLACKHAM 1stassistant director, JAKE CHANNON set technician, TERRY FLAXTON director of photography, PAUL GEARY runner, ADAM DJ LAITY focus puller, PETER MILNER camera operator, JONATHAN SCOTT audio recording, PAM TAIT wardrobe