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Skinworks a valentine (2003)
Skinworks - a valentine (2003)
2 handles appear in a chatroom; they’re anonymous, they’re anybody, everybody, they’re angels, demons, they’re hermaphrodites; they’re making a new kind of love, mailing valentines into the void.

Three performers cruise the web, crashing chatrooms, flipping identities, spinning yarns, beguiling, ensnaring unsuspecting novices, seducing each other, pushing imagination beyond the tech spec.

Made in collaboration with the band Angel Tech and film-maker Lucy Baldwyn, skinworks marks the culmination of research into cyberlove, begun in Double Happines2 (an international collaboration with spell#7 Singapore), that will result in a series of linked web-and-performance events this autumn. Through a collision of sounds, images and words skinworks explores how new desires and moods of love emerge from the irresponsibilities of sex without bodies.
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